Prewriting / Writing Worksheet abc

Trace and write the letters a, b, and c.




Up, Up, Up Poster and Sing Along Cards

I made this poster and the sing along cards to use for the song. After three weeks of practice my 3 – 5 year old students are getting pretty good at singing it.

If you haven’t heard of the song then you can find it at the link below.



My Class Playlist

Fortunately enough, I get to use a TV in my classroom at the kindergarten I work at. I use a ton E-Learning resources like iOS applications: Story Books, Reading Rainbow, Phonics Applications, Flashcard programs, Oxford Owl, and I often play youtube videos. I made my own video playlist and from this list I’ll usually practice one of the songs regularly and play some of the others from time to time. This month we’ve been doing a lot of “Up, Up, Up”, and “Walk Around the Farm”.

I wrote all of my 3-4 year old students’ names on a balloon cutout and taped a straw to it. I’ve been having my kids look for their balloon at the start of each lesson to help them learn their English names – Yes, I give all of my kids English names to use in class. After finding their names we do the “Up, Up, Up” song. Sometimes I’ll write the chorus out on the blackboard for us to sing together and other times I’ll just play the video. It’s a long song so we only practice chorus. Some of the kids try to sing the whole song though.

Playlist for Kindergarten Kids:


Animal Flash Cards

Some of these are still incomplete. I haven’t posted in forever so I thought I would upload some vector images I created. A few of the vectors are from a character guide, but most of them I created myself. Anyway enjoy.

Link Below



Sorry I will upload the pdf to wordpress when I have time.